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M. B. Feeney Guest Post

Its all rather exciting for me ATM because my good friend, M. B. Feeney, and some ladies from Renaissance Romance Publishing have a new anthology our called Summer Heat. I jumped at the chance to have them both on my blog for their tour, and first up is a guest post by M. B. Feeny, along with relevant links.

Authors as Readers:

Even before I was a published author, and even during my hiatus as a writer, I read, a lot. I was the kid at school who always had a book in her bag or in her blazer pocket. I wasn’t a loner, but I was a bookworm, still am, and this was something that my friends accepted about me.

Reading, I tell my kids this, helps us in so many different ways. Whether you’re an author or not. Not only does it provide us with an escape from real life, but it fuels our brains. Not only does it feed out imagination, but it helps build vocabulary and spelling. This is important to me as both an author and a parent.

I find that through reading all genres of books, that I am able to use words that not only enhance what I am trying to say, but also that aren’t repetitions of words I have already used or that are used by every other book out there. Authors who read a lot, do this and makes me smile as it cuts down on cliché in books.

I feel that it’s important for authors to read as it also helps them keep an eye on what kinds of novels and stories that are being published and read. Trends in publishing come and go and if an author wants to tap into them, they need understand what the readers are liking (or disliking).

Sites such as Goodreads are excellent for this as many of the users give brilliantly detailed and concise reviews of each book they read, even if they only read certain genres. These reviews, if they are fair and constructive, can help authors polish up their own writing. I have had pre readers tell me honestly when something in my writing doesn’t work. Reviews can do this too. I enjoy reading those that tell me not only what was enjoyed, but what didn’t work for that particular reader. I take these comments on board and *hopefully*, use them to make my next piece better.

I’ve often been heard to say that I don’t trust people who don’t listen to music as it’s such a huge part of my life, well, people who don’t read for enjoyment worry me even more. Authors who don’t read books or stories other than their own during the editing process… scare me.

Check out the full anthology by such great authors, and below is the pictures for M. B. Feeney's Just Like In The Movies.


Ava Jones has settled for a life that she’s not sure she wants anymore, but won’t admit it. Her best friend, Erica Davidson talks her into taking a break on the Isle of Wight. Her days on the island are spent thinking things through, and arguing with Morgan whom she hates on principal. 

Is it so wrong for her to want a life that follows the script of a honest to God romance film?


I’d met Marcus Tripp not long after joining Wilson Insurance. Although I’d never really fancied him, he was persistent. Our friendship had grown, and we’d fallen into a routine that suited both of us. I was happy with the attention, and the sex . . . yeah, it was okay. As time passed, the earth rarely moved when we were intimate; more often than not, it was pretty much over before it began. Still, we stayed together, more out of habit and familiarity than anything else. We did love each other. I just wasn’t sure that it was enough.
In the evenings I spent alone, I would daydream about living the life of a lead in a Hollywood chick flick, but then reality would slap some sense into me. My life was as good as it was going to get. I wasn’t about to be swept off my feet any time soon. Marcus and I were comfortable, and that was enough — for me, at least. I was too scared to ask Marcus what he felt.
We tried for a couple of years to have children, but it never happened. After many serious discussions, we decided to give up on the idea altogether. That was when we bought our first fur baby: a beautiful Collie cross called Rhea. She was our little girl, and we both doted on her. We assuaged our guilt over our mutual neglect by caring for Rhea, devoting our attention to another living being rather than to each other. The puppies, Remus and Romulus, soon joined her, and our “family” was complete.
For as long as I’d known him, Marcus had played Sunday League football, which was followed by an afternoon with his teammates at the very pub I was now approaching. Coupled with training one evening a week, his evenings out gave me more than enough time to spend with Erica or at home with the dogs.
“Have you thought any more about that holiday I mentioned?” Erica asked while we claimed our usual table. Our customary bottle of red wine was already ready and waiting for us.
“I have . . .” My words drifted away when I thought back to her idea of a girlie getaway on the Isle of Wight. Just as its name suggested, the top-class Lakeside Hotel with attached spa was located right next to a beautiful lake. Bliss.
“And? Why the hesitation?” Erica pushed like she always did, her blue eyes flashing once more as she looked into my brown ones. 
The idea of a real getaway made the blonde hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, but I tried to rein in my excitement. “I don’t know. It sounds amazing, and Lord knows I could do with some time away.”
“Do it, then.” 
I knew I had enough holiday time available at work. Screw it.
“Let’s do it.”

Hope you all enjoy. Links to the books are below.

Author Bio;

M. B. Feeney is an army brat who finally settled down in Birmingham, UK with her other half, 2 kids and a dog.  She's also a student teacher, a doodler and a chocoholic.  Writing has been her one true love since she could spell, and publishing is the culmination of her hard work and ambition.

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