Friday, 22 February 2013

Flavours Of My Life

Hey there,

Here is just a little taster of my current WIP which revolves around Alfie Wood and Eren Yilmaz. The below is from Alfies POV and is how the story opens.
 The only eyes on this are my own, so please excuse and errors.

My life is a bitter fabrication to what those outside the four walls I call home get to see. When our door closes at night, gone to are the happy, smiling faces people perceive to dwell inside, and out come the family who just can’t disguise how they feel any longer. We don't chose to live within the consuming darkness, it's just something we have grown accustomed to have shadowing our days, plaguing our every waking hour.

I know I sound miserable, but happiness is not easily faked when you live a counterfeit life. This is just something the Wood family have to contend with. Being negative is not the attitude I wish to have, to bask in my undoing and relish within misery, but how do you face each second of every day when everything and everyone just wants to kick you when you're down?

Having answers to these questions I ask myself on an ongoing loop in my head is all I need, for someone to take me by the hand and lead me towards the oracle who foresees my future and can tell me why; just why!

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